Start Here: Learn What Startup Prize is and How to Get Started

Take a Long Look in the Mirror Before you enter the Louisiana Startup Prize, take some time to assess your goals as an entrepreneur and explore your idea or existing startup venture. Team Startup Prize’s goal is to energize and incentivize young companies to evolve themselves to the next level. We want entrepreneurs that attend the
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What is a Qualifying Event? What Will I Get From It?

This year, Louisiana Startup Prize will be hosting three Qualifying Events. You MUST attend at least one Qualifying Event in Shreveport-Bossier to be eligible for the competition, but the more you attend, the more you will learn. Here are the dates for 2015: Qualifying Event One: April 17-19 Qualifying Event Two: May 29-31 Qualifying Event Three: July 17-19
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Entrepreneurial Competition Returns for Second Year

The Louisiana Startup Prize is back and at it — again. It’s wild to think less than a year ago this entrepreneurial program was just an idea. Which is how all startups begin, really. An idea that keeps you up at night. A gadget you made for yourself and now all your friends want one.
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Ring in the new season of Louisiana Startup Prize!

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