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USA TODAY: Louisiana Startup Prize Launches 2017 Competition

The Louisiana Startup Prize launched its fourth year  to a packed house of anxious entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors at a Parish Taceaux on Wednesday. Startup Prize Entrepreneur Liaison Sabrina Adsit and Gregory Kallenberg, founder and executive director, rang the ceremonial bell to open up registration for the Startup Prize, which they’ve dubbed “The Most Amazing Entrepreneurial Competition on the Planet.”
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What is a Qualifying Event? What Will I Get From It?

This year, Louisiana Startup Prize will be hosting two Qualifying Events. You MUST attend at least one Qualifying Event in Shreveport to be eligible for the competition, but the more you attend, the more you will learn. Here are the dates for 2017: Qualifying Event One: June 2-4 Qualifying Event Two: July 21-23 Registration for
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LA Startup Prize: A Unique Competition

The Louisiana Startup Prize is a competition that takes place in the heart of Shreveport and entices entrepreneurs from northwest Louisiana. The Startup Prize’s goal is to help evolve, transform and activate startups and ready them for investment dollars. Now it in its third year, this event is shaking up the entrepreneurial scene not only
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Louisiana Startup Prize Announces 2016 Winner

From the Shreveport Times/Gannett Media – Link to story: Click HERE for Startup Prize Winner story A Pittsburgh startup making consumer technology accessible to disabled individuals took home the top prize for the Louisiana Startup Prize on Sunday. “It’s been a great experience … and this is an honor,” said Ray Abel, chief operating officer for Bansen Labs,
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