Louisiana Startup Prize: The Most Amazing Entrepreneurial Competition on the Planet!

No, really, we’re not kidding.

We are here to help you take your idea or startup business to the next level. We offer educational events that link you with fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors that will become valuable business connections. You’ll also learn the basics about starting and growing your business from professionals in the fields of marketing, legal, accounting, and more. Oh, and you’ll get the chance to compete for our $75,000 grand prize.

How?  All you have to do is attend one of our two Qualifying Events to be eligible.  At a Qualifying Event you’ll learn how to develop your financial projections, create a comprehensive marketing plan, protect yourself and your idea, and, ultimately, how to win.  You will also connect with other entrepreneurs, possible clients, experts, mentors, and potential investors.  At these events you never know who may be a secret judge, so attend as many events as you can, network hard, and prove you’ve got what it takes!


If you’re looking for five minutes of Shark Tank-style fame, Startup Prize isn’t for you. If you’re looking to gain the tools and resources you need to create a successful, viable business while still meeting potential investors and funding opportunities, you’ll fit right in. Did we mention you might also win $80,000 in cash and services?


Like most startups, Louisiana Startup Prize started out as just an idea. Gregory Kallenberg, Executive Director and creator of Louisiana Film Prize, assembled his team of ninjas to plan out and execute the first Startup Prize. Tons of coffee, tequila, post-it notes, and over 300 startups later, the first two successful Startup Prizes were in the books, and we’re not stopping there.

In 2017 we’re hosting two qualifying events in downtown Shreveport. We’re expanding our curriculum and bringing in more experts, while still giving your startup business the attention and direction that it needs.  The stakes are higher, the events are bigger, and your name could be on the check.  Are you in?


Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs with mentors and experts that can help them grow their business from just an idea to a successful business. We also aim to match viable startups with potential investors. Most importantly, however, the big picture is to create a thriving entrepreneurial community in northwest Louisiana. NOTE: To date, 40% of the Startup Prize finalists have received offers for funding.

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