Sponsoring the Louisiana Startup Prize is not only an investment in a local non-profit geared towards helping entrepreneurs become stronger business leaders, but also an investment in the future health and economic growth of Northwest Louisiana. If you’re a believer in the fact that northwest Louisiana can and will attract, welcome and nurture creative and innovative talent locally and from around the nation, the Startup Prize is for you!

What is the Startup Prize?

Serving upwards of 100 entrepreneurs annually, the Startup Prize is one of the largest entrepreneurial gatherings this area has ever seen. We are energizing and incentivizing entrepreneurs of all races, genders, and socio-economic levels in our community to evolve as businesses through a series of educational events connecting them with potential investors. The Startup Prize puts a spotlight on our community to attract ideas and businesses from around the world, and encourage these entrepreneurs to make our region their home.

Why Should I Become a Sponsor?

If you are looking to donate your dollars or your time as a service provider with a specific expertise (lawyer, accountant, or marketing guru), or want to gain from exposure through the Startup Prize, we have a wide array of opportunities allowing you to do all of the above. If you want to interface with, be a mentor, and perhaps invest in these entrepreneurial ideas, our sponsorship prospects are limitless. We make it our personal mission to spread your company’s message anywhere we can. Remember, these entrepreneurs are your future clients!

How Do I Donate!?

What are you waiting for? Get involved with the coolest entrepreneurial competition on the planet, today!  Contact Sabrina Adsit for more information on how to become a sponsor; sabrina@lafilmprize.com.

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