Start Here: Learn What Startup Prize is and How to Get Started

  1. Take a Long Look in the Mirror

    Before you enter the Louisiana Startup Prize, take some time to assess your goals as an entrepreneur and explore your idea or existing startup venture. Team Startup Prize’s goal is to energize and incentivize young companies to evolve themselves to the next level. We want entrepreneurs that attend the Startup Prize to excel at their goals and for all of you to be successful. It won’t be easy, and there’s a lot of work to do. If this sounds like you, go to Step 2.

  2. Register Your Startup

    Fill out some basic info on you and your project, then choose which Qualifying Events you would like to attend.  Qualifying Events are where you will learn the tools and skill sets you will need to compete for the Final Final. The entire purpose of these events is to hone your business plan, change where necessary, and prepare to present yourself and your startup should you proceed to the Final Final. You may attend all three Qualifying Events, but you MUST attend at least one to be eligible for final judging. For a more in-depth look at what happens during a Qualifying Event, check out this page. IMPORTANT: In order to register, your company cannot be more than three-years-old and you cannot have annual revenues of over $1 million. Remember:  “You lose 100% of the Startup Prize competitions that you don’t register for.” -GK (“Gretzky”-Kallenberg)

    Register Now

  3. Show Up

    Once you’ve registered for the Qualifying Event(s) of your choice, the next step is easy. Show up and be ready to learn (and engage). Yep, that’s it.  Bring yourself and that can-do attitude of yours to Shreveport-Bossier and let the startup success commence. Our promise to you is that we’re going to provide a transformative event that will help you and your startup move forward – to give you a platform to ask questions and learn what you need to make your business successful. We will give you an amazing opportunity to network, interface with business experts, and even have some fun while you’re at it. In exchange, we want you to take each Qualifying Event seriously, learn as much as you can, and prove to us, our experts, and our investors that you’ve got what it takes.

  4. Complete the Entrepreneur Portal

    The Entrepreneur Portal is where the business plan you will submit to our experts resides. You may edit your company’s profile and upload important information or documents for our investor judges to review. The sooner you start filling out this form, the sooner you will know what questions to ask at Qualifying Events and the sooner you will be seen by our investor judges. Ultimately, the Entrepreneur Portal will be used to judge your startup for the FINAL FINAL. You may even want to look at this prior to a Qualifying Event and see what questions you need to ask (hint, hint). The Entrepreneur Portal will open on February 1st prior to  Qualifying Event One and must be completed and fully submitted by 11:59pm on June 9th, 2017.

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